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Awards & Recognitions


Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University award

Was awarded Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University – Balasahiti Award in the year 2001 for the book Tamasha Kathalu.


Wonder Book of Records

Received "Wonder Book of Records" for having published 591 stories without a break in Vaartha newspaper for 11 consecutive years (03-05-1997 to 21-12-2008). His stories were featured every Sunday non-stop for 11 years under the section "Tamasha Kathalu". This feat wasn’t performed in any language worldwide.

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Government of Maharashtra - school textbooks

Maharashtra State Textbook Bureau, Government of Maharashtra has selected the Stories from the book “Tamasha Kathalu” as textbook lessons for their school children. For 8th class, their textbook "Telugu – Sarala Bharathi" has selected the stories "Baboi Policelu" and "Chappatlu Kottandi". For 6th class, their textbook "Telugu – Bala Bharathi" has selected the story "Doctor Kundelu Vaidhya Rahasyam".


with Shri C. Narayana Reddy


with Shri Konijeti Rosaiah


Sri Reddy Raghavayya Balasahiti Seva Puraskaram

Was awarded Bala Sahitivetha Sri Reddy Raghavayya’s Bala Sahiti Seva Puraskaram in the year 2018 through Mathrubasha Parirakshana Samithi.


Manipusala Kavi Bhushan

Received the title "Manipusala Kavi Bhushan" by Golkonda Sahiti Kalasamithi for writing more than 100 manipusala poems in the year 2020 as an appreciation for his efforts towards Telugu Literature.


'Balapriya' title

Honoured with "Balapriya" title by Bala Gokulam (Balala Sahitya Sanskrithika Samstha) in the year 2013.

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